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Denture Repair Services

Onsite Lab

Like most dentists, we have used various external commercial dental laboratories with mediocre results. There’s simply no substitute to having highly trained professionals, Certified Dental Laboratory Technician and Dentist, working together on site to achieve stellar results. Achieving a good denture result requires both art and science and meticulous attention to detail through the many steps which are necessary.
All of our dentures are processed under heat and pressure for hours were denture mills often use a cold pour process which takes only minutes, but results in a weaker and more porous surface which is subject to staining, breakage and shortened life span. We often hear from existing denture wearers that have since had a denture constructed in our practice that they have never had a dentist pay so much attention to detail and never knew that such comfort and lifelike appearance was possible.
Come see, feel and live the difference.

Denture Repairs for the Baton Rouge Area

Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever and when it’s broken you want it fixed promptly and competently. We have a Louisiana State University School of Dental Laboratory Technology Certified Dental Laboratory Technician on staff who fabricates our dentures, partials and is available to make repairs.
We can often make repairs in about an hour.

Denture Relines

Just like muscles, jawbones are use it or lose it in that once teeth are lost, the bone melts away throughout life unless a dental implant is placed within the bone to stimulate it. To complicate matters, the pattern of bone loss is different in the upper than it is in the lower which can change the way dentures relate to each other in your mouth. This along with the actual bacterial breakdown of the material used to construct dentures is the reason the American Dental Association recommends replacement every 5-7 years.
A reline is where we add material to the gum surface of the denture in the space created by loss of jawbone thereby creating a tighter fit. This is most important with dentures which were immediately inserted after extractions due to more rapid bone melting, but is also used for replacement dentures after a period of time, generally 2.5-3.5 years for most people. Relines are only appropriate in certain instances where the dentures were properly constructed to begin with and are still in proper relationship to each other in your mouth.
We can often complete relines in one visit.