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Rabel Family - Trusted Dentistry in Baton Rouge

Emergency Tooth Extraction
in Baton Rouge

At Premier Dentures and Implants, if a tooth extraction is necessary – we will provide a safe procedure and can provide restorative choices to supplant your tooth after a tooth extraction.
We can provide same-day tooth extractions in most cases. Another common concession in denture planning is that of pre-prosthetic surgery. This is where the bone or tissues can be reshaped in order to better support a denture. Pre-prosthetic surgery can be used to change a gummy or uneven smile to a more natural one.
Sedation dentistry allows us to remove as many as a full mouth of teeth all in one comfortable visit. We also offer immediate tooth replacement after full mouth extractions using Immediate Dentures.
If you have any anxieties concerning dental extractions or to learn more about Premier Dentures and Implants' restorative dental options, please feel free to contact us.