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Immediate Dentures

No other procedure in dentistry can offer such a dramatic change as that of immediate Dentures. We have seen it time and again, patients putting off dental treatment for fear or economic reasons to the point that complete tooth removal is the best option. Immediate dentures allow a patient to confidently and comfortably go from natural teeth to dentures without having to go through a period of time without teeth
Impressions of the teeth and gums are taken, dentures are constructed, and then the teeth are removed and the dentures are placed “immediately”. We also provide variations of this technique where some of the teeth are removed prior to taking the impressions for the dentures.
Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your particular situation and other variations most appropriate for you.
Every person with a denture in the Baton Rouge area wants comfort, a seamless fit and a natural-looking smile. For over 40 million Americans daily Denture wear is a fact of life. Ordinary Dentures leave little room for customization. Men and women, old and young, receive essentially the same look. Often, important steps are omitted, resulting in a uniform row of unnatural-looking teeth that don’t show, show too much, or display a gummy smile, causing many dentures to look "false." But for those who have discovered the advantages of our custom-made Premium Dentures there's plenty to smile about.
Traditionally, denture wearers experience discomfort, reduced chewing and speaking ability, and social embarrassment over their unnatural appearance. Fortunately, this no longer has to be the case. Instead, we offer our patients custom-made Premium Dentures, providing a nearly 100% satisfaction rate among wearers. These Dentures involve an entirely new method of planning and fabrication, requiring meticulous facial feature measurements, and providing for the numerous subtle differences in shape, size, spacing, and shade which vary according to gender, heredity, and smile lines. We even ask that our patients bring in past photos demonstrating their god given smiles so that we may consider the added subtle finishing touches. Sound complicated? It is. But the results are worth it.
A major factor in creating a natural looking Denture is the Denture teeth. Each individual Denture tooth is hand-finished creating natural differences in shapes of the individual teeth. Adding to the natural aesthetic qualities of the teeth is a special technique of layering different colors when creating the teeth. The transparency, translucence and refractive quality of the layering, combined with the hand-finish result in superior quality.
Because they are made especially for you, you will have the opportunity to preview the size, shape, color and position of the teeth within your mouth at one or more preview appointments before the fabrication is finalized.
We then process our dentures under heat and pressure for hours were denture mills often use a cold pour process which is faster and cheaper, but results in a weaker and more porous surface which is subject to staining, breakage and shortened life span.