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Permanent and Fixed Teeth Clinic

Replace Missing Teeth Permanently with Rock Solid Implants

We can use single implants to replace a lone missing tooth or multiple implants to replace more missing teeth. Generally when there are only a few missing teeth, those missing teeth are replaced with crowns or bridges on implants to provide a “fixed” non-removable solution.
crown implant
implant supported bridge
For patients with no remaining teeth on the top or bottom jaws, we can give them a fixed solution using various materials so that it is just like having a 3rd set of non-removable teeth. One variation of this treatment has been popularized by the all-on-4 dental implant procedure where four implants are placed in a jaw and a denture is screwed in place as demonstrated below.
implants for full arch replacement
The number of implants actually required to replace missing teeth in a jaw is highly dependent upon each patient’s particular situation. There are also various tooth replacement material options available to secure to the implants as well.