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Signs You Need a Tooth Extracted

Dentists will do everything possible to save a tooth. However, there are some instances where the best course of action is to simply pull the tooth. Extraction is generally saved as a last resort, but these are the times when you need it.
This is the most common reasons why a dentist will recommend tooth extraction. Impaction occurs when a tooth stops growing in normally, and instead, it grows at an angle to the point where it poses a threat to the other teeth. For the well-being of the mouth that one tooth needs to be removed so that the others can thrive. Wisdom teeth often erupt impacted, which is why dentists recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed before that occurs.
There are various ways to save a damaged tooth. Cavities can be repaired with a filling. A restoration such as a crown or bridge can be placed over the tooth to strengthen it. However, sometimes the damage is so extensive that no restoration could make it better. After a tooth is pulled, you can talk to your dentist about getting a dental implant to restore the space.
Your dentist should inspect your teeth to see if extraction is absolutely necessary or if you could benefit from another treatment. Call Premier Dentures and Implants at 225-774-3368 to learn more about the various dental treatments available.