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4 Tips For Safe Summer Denture Wear

Summer months are full of activities including travel, swimming, boating, and hiking. Be prepared for an active summer with your dentures by following these four tips.
1. Prepare a Denture-Care Kit
Whether you lodge in a cozy RV or stay in resort hotels on your travels, you need a convenient way to manage your denture-care routines. Use a waterproof travel bag to hold denture items for all of your journeys and adventures.

Place containers of your normal adhesives, dental cleaners, soaking tablets, and other products in the bag. Add small brushes, a soaking container, and washcloths to your bag for a complete denture-cleaning kit. 

Consult with your dentist about denture-care kits and supplies the office can provide for you. Often, your dentist has sample containers of products that are perfect for travel use.

When you gather your personal supplies ahead of time, you're not forced to pay inflated resort prices for your denture care. You can continue to use your favorite products in foreign areas where they aren't available.
2. Purchase a Sturdy Case for Dentures
Epic adventures are hard on dentures. Full and partial dentures are easy to knock off a hotel bathroom counter in the dark. They're prone to breaking under the force of a stack of luggage.

Purchase a sturdy, impact-resistant case for your dentures. Whether you take your dentures off in your tent, or you lose them in the bottom of your carry-on bag, you're more likely to keep those chompers intact and in good shape when you store them in a protective enclosure.

Some patients have a backup set of dentures available in case of a denture emergency. An extra set of dentures is a good investment if you're traveling in remote areas where dentists are scarce. Backup dentures are also a smart call for really active people. Order a sturdy travel case for your backup set, too.
3. Practice Rigorous Activities With Dentures in Place
When you plan to keep your dentures in your mouth during summer activities, practice any rigorous moves in a safe spot first. Will you run a marathon or go hiking with your dentures this summer? Practice running in place at home to see how well your dentures stay in place.

Activities that can dislodge loose dentures include:
  • Horseback riding
  • Amusement park rides
  • ATV riding
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Bicycling over rough terrain
Water activities including water skiing, jet skiing, and surfing may loosen dentures. Dentures that aren't secured with adhesive can lose their seal when water enters the mouth. Denture adhesives can also be diluted by sea or pool water and fail to grip dentures in place.

Do some trial runs with various denture adhesives to find the products and application methods that work best for you. You'll scale mountains and hang ten with much more confidence.
4. Schedule a New Denture Fitting
Before you travel or get energetic with your dentures in place, ask yourself if your dentures are wiggling or loose. If so, you need a new denture fitting.

After a period of denture wear, the bones in your jaw may have eroded or your gums may have changed shape. Your dentist can inspect your mouth and your dentures to figure out the glitch. In some cases, your dentures can be reshaped to fit your new mouth.

Order a brand-new set of dentures well ahead of a big journey if your dentist finds that your dentures are not fit for travel. You'll have a bright new smile and plenty of time to get accustomed to your new dentures. 

Contact Premier Dentures and Implants to schedule a fitting for your new or backup dentures. We provide denture and dental implant services for patients in the Greater Baton Rouge area.